Brown hooded Parrot

The brown-hooded parrot is a small parrot which is a resident breeding species from southeastern Mexico to north-western Colombia. 

Until recently, it was placed in the genus Pionopsitta, which now is restricted to the type species, the pileated parrot. It is sometimes considered conspecific with the rose-faced parrot (P. pulchra). This species has been adversely affected by deforestation. It is found in lowlands and foothills locally up to 1600 m altitude in forest canopy and edges, and adjacent semi-open woodland and second growth. The white eggs are laid in an unlined nest, usually a natural cavity in a tree.

“Brown-hooded parrot” is the common name of a species of parrot with the scientific name “Pyrilia haematotis.” It is a small to medium-sized parrot that is native to parts of South America, including Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. As its name suggests, it has a brown head and hood, with a green body and wings. It is known for being a social and vocal bird, often seen in flocks in the wild. The brown-hooded parrot is sometimes kept as a pet, but it is important to ensure that pet parrots are obtained from reputable sources and not taken from the wild, as this can be detrimental to wild populations.

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