Birds of Panama Video

Some of the beautiful birds of Panama in this cool picture slide show video.

Panama is home to a diverse array of birds, including both native and migratory species. From the colorful parrots of the rainforest to the graceful osprey soaring overhead, birds are an integral part of Panama’s natural beauty. To showcase this amazing variety of feathered creatures, we have created a video tour of Panama’s birdlife.

Panama is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 940 registered species of birds and some of the most diverse bird populations in the world. Some of the most notable bird species found in Panama include the Harpy’s Eagle, Scarlet Macaw, Toucan, and Resplendent Quetzal. Some popular birdwatching destinations in Panama include Soberania National Park, Cerro Azul, Cerro Punta Chiriqui Highlands, Cerro Campana National Park, and Metropolitian Nature Park that is located in the city of Panama and easy to access. It is recommended to visit these areas during the dry season (December to April) for the best birdwatching opportunities and if you dont know the area best go with a local guide as they best know the bird polulation plus you dont get lost and thats easier then you may think. See also for more info on birds of Panama and where to find some of them.

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