Broad-winged hawk

The broad-winged hawk (Buteo platypterus) is a medium-sized hawk of the genus Buteo. During the summer, some subspecies are distributed over eastern North America, as far west as British Columbia and Texas; they then migrate south to winter in the Neotropics from Mexico south to southern Brazil. Image taken in Altos del Maria, Panama.

Broad-winged hawk
Broad-winged hawk in flight

“Broad-winged hawk” is the common name of a bird of prey, which is found in North America. It belongs to the genus “Buteo” and is known for its broad wings and relatively small size compared to other hawks. The broad-winged hawk is a migratory bird, and during the fall, thousands of individuals can be seen flying south in large groups, which is known as a “kettle” or “stream” of hawks. Its diet mainly consists of small mammals such as mice and voles, but it also feeds on insects, reptiles, and other birds.

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